How to plan a Virtual Team Building Event for your office

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How to plan a Virtual Team Building Event for your office

We get asked a lot what the best way to reward a staff is when they’re already glued to the screen for meeting after meeting.

Here are five great tips for keeping it light.

Is the event technology easy to use?

Understand that what is easy for you to maneuver online might not hold true for all of your employees. Always be prepared to find a comfortable middle ground. Simplicity is key. You want to give as much information as needed prior to the event starting so everyone is good to go when it’s time. If it’s a trivia game, work in a practice round before the actual game begins.

Is this virtual event captivating?

For most people, the second they hear “mandatory virtual event for staff” their e-back goes against the wall. Find ways to add energy. Don’t just do a general knowledge trivia event, play to their interests. A pop culture based trivia night centered around 90’s movies will always pique more interest than a plain question-and-answer session


Does the host have energy?

Pep is key. You want to liven things up and bring some energy to wake things up. Try to avoid monotonous speakers and bring out your best Pat Sajak impression (and I’m aware I’m aging myself with that reference).

What’s the reward?

If you’re able to provide a prize, people LOVE to compete. A gift card to a nice restaurant, extra time off work, anything you can give to the winner of a game gives reasons to play and incentivizes them to pay attention.

How long should a virtual team building activity last?

Anything longer than 90 minutes is too much and anything shorter than 30 minutes isn’t worth it. You want to keep brains active and, most importantly, you want to keep it fun! 

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