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Once your event is good to go, how do you plan on getting word out? Let's get some press and media coverage! How about a poster that will stand out? We'll even help hang the posters and give you a smart route!

Let's not just get you and your guests there, let's get you there in style.

With so many people online, it's imperative to promote online. We can set it up so everyone stays updated and word will spread.


Paperwork is icky, we know. We can take that hassle and put in terms that make sense.


It's easy to find a venue but not so easy to find the perfect one for you. Parking? What do they provide? A/V needs? Does the price fit? We can set you up with the venue that fits your event needs.



Here's the plan:
You want an event and I want you to relax!


If you have an event the last thing you want to do is rush around town with an endless checklist. Let me be your liaison and help you turn your idea into a cohesive, flowing night where the only thing you need to do is show up.

Preserve your event using an on site photographer or videographer!

You might not be the best public speaker. That's fine, let's get you a fantastic M/C! Maybe you want a sketch group! How about a comedian that keeps your guests laughing? No matter the type of event, we'll set up something that fits.

Social Media Management

We're a hub for local talent. Hamilton is a breeding ground of creativity. We give you a guarantee that everything provided is from this city. We're a hub for the creative sector.

On Site Coordination


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If the event is too much for you to handle we'd be more than happy to cover the logistics and connect the pieces on site. Take it easy!

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